2015 02 18 February Vegan Valentine’s Potluck

Tonight’s Potluck Cancelled

We are really sad and so sorry to have to cancel today’s vegan potluck at the library.  Yesterday the library closed at 4:00 pm and it that happens again today, we won’t have access to the meeting room.  Also, the snow and windchills predicted could make if difficult for people to drive into town and we want everyone to stay safe.

The next vegan potluck is scheduled for Wednesday, March 18th.  By then, spring will be arriving.

Thanks for understanding.

February Vegan Valentine’s Potluck



  • Wednesday, February 18 · 6:00 PM
  • Watauga Public Library

At VegBoone’s February potluck,  we will celebrate Valentine’s Day late with unlikely animal friendships in mind.  Please arrive between 6 and 6:30 pm  and bring a vegan dish  that serves at least 8 people.  Vegan simply means no animal products — no meat, fish, dairy, eggs, or honey.  Also please bring your own place setting to conserve resources and cut down on trash.   Copies of your recipe to share with others are also greatly appreciated or a list of ingredients .

 Click the blue button above to sign up.


One’s heart can’t help but melt at the sweetness of loving animal couples.  Bonds sometimes develop between what at first appear to be the most unusual pairs. Exploring further, however, one learns that relationships between animals of different species are not all that uncommon.  The lines we’ve drawn between us and other sentient beings cut off our emotional connection.  We are therefore surprised when other animals are able to relate despite their differences.  Every year billions of animals are denied the opportunity to form lasting bonds with one another.  The lucky ones remind us that complex emotional bonds are not limited to one’s own species group and that we all share the essential need for love.

“I think a lot of people find these cross-species relationships surprising because they don’t appreciate the richness of the emotional lives of non-human animals, that non-human animals experience the same emotions we do.” Marc Bekoff, Professor Emeritus of University of Colorado

“As children, we were taught about the concept of the food web, which provides a map of “who eats who” in the animal kingdom. And we were taught about symbiotic relationships between different species, in which one or both members of the pair benefit from the alliance. But increasingly, we are presented with accounts of interspecific animal behaviors and relationships that do not fit neatly into these contexts—stories clearly demonstrating that the roles of animals in their environment are not as rigid as once thought. These examples prove that animals are not merely simple, instinctive beings, elucidating the softer, more vulnerable and malleable side to their nature. They particularly serve to remind us of the complex emotions of animals, as well as the fact that they share many basic needs with the human animal.”  –From AWI


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