2015 04 12 Lunch at Cha Da Thai

Cha Da Thai

Sunday Lunch at Cha Da Thai

Sunday, April 12, 2015 1:00 pm

Cha Da Thai Restaurant, 173 Howard Street in Boone


Our next event will be lunch at Cha Da Thai, Boone’s authentic Thai restaurant, that offers many plant-based dishes. From choices like Pad Thai (no egg), Sesame Tofu and Tom Yum Soup to Sweet Sticky Rice with Mango for dessert, you will easily find a variety of dishes that suit your taste. The tofu in dishes can be ordered steamed or stir-fried and brown rice is now available as well as white rice. This restaurant has been a favorite of local vegans for years.

Lunch specials are $5.99, but there will be lots of other choices, priced higher, as well. We met with a staff member and reviewed the entire menu to determine which dishes are vegan or could be made vegan. We will have a special menu to order from. Separate checks for each individual or family. Please order only from the vegan menu.

Join us to enjoy a delicious lunch and to support this local restaurant.

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